Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ontological naturalism

        We naturalists demand evidence for the supernatural. We find that natural  causes and explanations suffice as I previously discussed here.
        Theists cannot claim that people have a sensus diivinatus-  a sense of the divine as a basic matter.For something to be basic it must  be natural .
        Ontological naturalism, philosophy, perforce rests on methodoglical naturalism. Supernaturalists use the latter when doing real science.
        We naturalists find that they rely instead on intuion not evidenced-based, revelations and faith and  inisinterpretations of evidence.
         Nature, not supernature, provides for what can lead to that more abundant life!
         The supernatural and the paranormal, twin superstitions are what the late,grat Paul Kurz calls " The Transcendental Temptation," a must read book.
         Ontological naturalism proffers  reality instead of fantasy. Science is acquired knowledge, whilst as Sydney Hook notes, faith begs the question of being knowledge.
         Faith contradicts our conservation -background- of knowledge.
         Previous essays  here further this one.
          What do you maintain?

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