Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apocalyptc woo!

  What rational person would ever accept apocalyptic events, as they always fail to occur? Why would she accept the ranting of an apocalyptic in person or  from a writing who provides no evidence but a revelation, the product of his own mind? As with all other religious experience, apocalypticism has no foundation, just a rant.
   Then many people just haven't known about the failures or just think that for once one will occur. James' will to believe presents itself thereby. People can will themselves to believe.
                "Faith doth that to people."
   We skeptics urge others to please not demean themselves into making rash decisions in following any apocalyptic.
     Yeshua said that no one knew when he'd return, yet predicted he would in his hearers lifetimes. That is a contradiction  and a failed prophecy. Apologists rationalize about both.
      We full skeptics urge others not to accept the uncorroborated works of uncorroborated writers of scriptures anyway.
      We see that Yeshua had no corroboration as a trusted preacher when we see his apocalyptic ethic and his love of Hell! He was the narcissistic  cult leader who came not to bring peace but a sword, to break up families and have his sheep love him more than others and that people would persecute them! Apologists rationalize all that.
       Whether religious or - secular apocalyptics just make up their prophecies.

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