Sunday, February 24, 2013

The genesis of revered ignorance!

         The  preceding essay demonstrates the genesis of  revered ignorance! Instead of revering science to inform their views, such proud ignoramuses prefer an undocumented source of undocumented misanthropes. It troubles such pathetic people that science does go against their supposed truthful scriptures.
          The writer faults his fellow ignoramuses for not adhering to is form. We full skeptics find that old age creationists only follow science up to a point: they gladly accept the ancient age but still refuse to let science tell them the truth of the genesis of humans.
          Theistic evolutionists accept gladly evolution, but not the fact that science finds no divine intent, and thus, theistic evolution contradicts rather than complements science, being no more than an oxy-moronic obfuscation!
           We full skeptics find that science does find no God, including Martin Gardner's one. Faith can not  instantiate the deist God!
           Haughty John Haught proclaims that why, blind faith can lead to danger, but true faith envelopes the whole being, and Alister Earl McGrath proclaims that first believers find the evidence for belief  and then use faith for certitude. Both approaches cannot obviate the fact that no matter how defined, faith opposes rational methodology!
           Science acceptance does not lead to scientism- that only science finds truth, but one must use rational means to verify any matter.
           By the way, the distinction betwixt methodological and ontological naturalism cannot gainsay the fact that methodological naturalism itself is mechanistic! Thus, the NCES and others making that distinction err in thinking that that distinction actually can assuage creationists!
           Creationism methodology precludes people from accepting mechanism no matter how accommodationists define matters!

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